Every drawing level is welcome, everyone can participate, you do not need any drawing experience.

No, you will receive a cotton carrier bag with the required drawing materials.

By mail, telephone, WhattsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb. Go to our contact page here.

The drawing tour is 2 to 4 kilometers.

There are places to sit at most places where we draw. That can be walls or benches. At least places in the public space, it is possible that benches are already occupied, but standing drawing can also be good and some people find it no problem to sit on the floor.

Then the drawing tour will unfortunately not take place and we are planning a new date.

Then we go to a covered place and decide whether we can continue to draw there or whether we want to continue drawing in a café. The costs for the drinks are then for your own account.

Yes, the starting point is easily accessible by bicycle, car and public transport. We advise you to come by public transport so you don't have to look for and pay for a parking space. You also save the environment. 

Yes, we will walk in a circle. So you are close to your bike, parking space / garage or the (metro) station again in the end.

The drawing tour is in Dutch and / or English.

Yes, you get typical Dutch snacks. If get hungry easily, we recommend that you bring something yourself too.

No, we recommend that you bring a bottle or bottle of water yourself. The Dutch drinking water is of good quality and free to tap from the tap. This way we save the environment and the wallet.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. We will sit on benches, walls, stairs and on the floor in the public space.

That is possible, but we are not in one place for longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

De minimale groepsgrootte is 4 personen en de maximale groepsgrootte is 8 personen. Grotere groepen zijn op aanvraag mogelijk, dan gaan er meer gidsen mee. Hiervoor worden extra kosten berekend.

  • The drawing tour costs €35 per person including 21% VAT for private individuals
  • The drawing tour costs €35 per person excluding 21% VAT for business customers
  • Yes groups of 4 to 5 people receive a 10% discount
  • Yes, groups of 6 to 8 people receive a 20% discount

No, the drawing tour is not wheelchair friendly. 

We advise you to go to the toilet before you start the drawing tour, but it may happen that you have to go to the toilet during the tour. We then go to a cafe, restaurant, museum, theater or library, whatever there is to go to the toilet.

Yes, for business customers we make an invoice with 21% VAT. You will receive this by e-mail.

In the calendar you can see per city when you can participate, if you want a different date, please contact us.

Yes, that's possible. Children under the age of 18 can participate, but only under the supervision of an adult person / parent / caretaker.