Privacy statement


How we handle personal data

Personal data entered via a contact or request form will only be used for the booking unless it has been indicated that the newsletter is desired, then we will also use the email address to send the newsletter.

I draw will treat the information you provide carefully and confidentially. We will not pass on the data to third parties. When placing a drawing tour, we need your name and (email) address to be able to prepare and email the invoice. Visitor statistics of the site are kept for statistical purposes. However, this information is general in nature and cannot be traced back to the individual visitor.


How we handle reviews

We understand that you rely on reviews and recommendations. That is why we inform you here about how we deal with this. So that you can judge better and more honestly whether the reviews are genuine and can make a well-considered decision whether or not to participate in our drawing tours.

We use a plug-in that retrieves our Google reviews and displays them on our website. All positive and negative reviews of our drawing tours are processed. There is also no question of sponsorship and/or payments for reviews. We check for suspicious patterns, such as many reviews in a short time about or the presence of identical texts on our drawing tours. Finally, because we handle and supervise all booking requests and drawing tours ourselves, we know exactly who has or has not participated. After the drawing tours, the participants receive an email with a link to our review page on Google, which they can fill in or not.