I draw is geschikt voor elk tekenniveau!

I draw is suitable for every drawing level!

You don't need drawing experience! We help you, give advice and show you easy and somewhat more difficult options.

Ontdek de stad op een andere manier

Discover the city in a different way

Seeing and discovering everything, being outside together and making something yourself. Something different than shopping or strolling around in a city.

Plezier en ontspanning

Fun and relaxation

Drawing helps you to 'turn off' your head. Take a walk and sit down to draw what you see. You will have a relaxed experience in a lively city.

Rotterdam Binnenrotte
Rotterdam Binnenrotte

€ 35,- p.p. inclusief tas met tekenmateriaal en typisch Hollandse snacks, zoals stroopwafels en drop.

Schiedam centrum
Schiedam city centre

€ 35,- p.p. inclusief tas met tekenmateriaal en typisch Hollandse snacks, zoals stroopwafels en drop.

Utrecht centrum
Utrecht city centre

€ 35,- p.p. inclusief tas met tekenmateriaal en typisch Hollandse snacks, zoals stroopwafels en drop.

These are the guides

Gids Jeffrey de Bruin

Jeffrey de Bruin

I love Rotterdam! I studied Graphic Design and Drawing at the academy in Antwerp. I am the Rotterdam city sketcher and have been designing and illustrating for more than 10 years.

Gids Myra Manintveld

Myra Manintveld

With great pleasure I have been living in Utrecht for more than 20 years. I love Utrecht! I want to show you this beautiful and fun city by drawing elements from this city. I am a graphic designer for more than 15 years. And I love drawing, painting, handwriting, photography and styling.


Review Oda


You walk through the city and see beautiful places off the beaten track that you would never have discovered alone. The guide is nice and I felt completely at ease. It is relaxing and a very nice way to see a city. I received a canvas bag as a reminder, so I was very happy.

Review Carlo


What a nice experience. A really nice and original idea to get to know the city. The afternoon was well prepared, so we all had a super nice homemade postcard from Utrecht.

Review Joris


Very nice outing to do! The walk was accompanied by interesting background stories, tasty Dutch cookies, coffee and tea and is definitely worth it! I will gladly join again!

Review Anke


What an original way to look at a number of well-known buildings in Rotterdam! Not by snapping a quick photo and walking by, but by watching and drawing intently. I highly recommend this tour.

Review Gerard


It was nice to explore the city with a group. No long stories that you'll forget by the end of the day. By drawing, you see better and the places will stay longer in your memory. It was very pleasant.

Review Mieke


We had a very nice afternoon. At the places where we have drawn the guide told nice facts and we have explored the beautiful city of Utrecht. The drawing was fun, suitable for every level.

Review Hitomi


With Jeffrey's explanation and the clear examples he gives, everyone can make a nice memento of an afternoon in Schiedam. The Polaroid and hand lettering complete the postcard. I highly recommend this tour.

Review Miryam


I already knew Schiedam, but not in this way! We had a lot of fun drawing. And thanks to Jeffrey's explanation we could be proud of the result. It was a well arranged route that ended at a nice museum.

Review Sandy


Let's go and sketch for an afternoon! Normally this wouldn't occur to me at all. But what a relief, I was completely relaxed. I can't actually draw, but with the simple pointers you get, you can do more than you think.